Orchids for Biden

Four years ago, many, including me, predicted that Trump would be a catastrophe for the USA. Certainly, he has been. He has failed to face a worsening pandemic, an economic collapse, and climate change disasters. His blatant corruption, incompetence, nepotism, and immorality are on display every day. His poisonous bigotry will continue to do damage to our country long after he is gone. He’s given a green light to bullies and tyrants alike, and the world is much worse off for his example. If you think he’s done a good job, then you have terrible news sources, and they have deceived you.

Specific to this website, the election matters to orchid lovers because this president has dismantled dozens of environmental protections. His actions will result in many extinctions, likely including orchids. If you’re a nature lover, this alone is a deal-breaker for supporting the incumbent. Joe Biden has an extensive, proven record, as a senator and a vice president, of supporting essential environmental laws.

For another opinion, here’s the admiral who oversaw the bin Laden raid, a lifelong Republican, on why he’s voting for Biden.

I’m afraid that 2020 will be the most dangerous election in this country since 1860 because of right wing extremists, abetted by this president. We may have violence during and after election day as a result. If the president wins reelection, he will continue to damage our democracy, this country, and the rest of the world. Please vote for Joe Biden for president.

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