Pacific Orchid Expo 2011

Orchid overload is a common side effect of the Pacific Orchid Expo. Surrounded by so many floral gems, it can be tough to figure out where to point the camera. Sure, there are standouts like this incredible lady slipper, but with 150,000 orchids to choose from, a bit of vertigo sets in. Fortunately, Dave is a level-headed guy, so you can enjoy photos of a harlequin Phal, a sunny Miltonia, and an award-winning black Dracula.

Harlequin Phal hybridMiltonia hybrid at the 2011 Pacific Orchid ExpoDracula flower - Best Plant in Show at Pacific Orchid Expo 2011

I look one way, and there’s a colorful Epidendrum hybrid. In another direction, there’s a related species with a striking flower lip. One more turn leaves me gasping at the impossible shape of a Bulbophyllum bloom.

Epidendrum hybrid flowersEpidendrum species at Pacific Orchid Expo 2011Bizarre Bulbophyllum flower

No sooner do I regain my senses than I’m struck by some unusual Masdevallias. Whether human-made hybrid or naturally-occurring species, each offers a distinct beauty and charm.

Masdevallia hybrid at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011Masdevallia species flowerMasdevallia species flower at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011

Dendrobiums offer even more variety, making it difficult to see the similarities between related plants. In the next 2 photos, they share some colors, but their shapes seem irreconcilable. Lastly, the dizzying pattern on a Phal hybrid falls into focus for the camera lens. It’s enough to make my head spin.

Dendrobium hybrid flowerDendrobium species flowerPhal hybrid close up at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011

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5 Comments on “Pacific Orchid Expo 2011”

  1. Donna B Says:

    Wow, those are kind of magical. Orchds are my favorites.

  2. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Spring! Says:

    […] While San Francisco’s winter hasn’t been as bad as other parts of the country, spring is always a welcome arrival. It’s easy to celebrate with more beautiful flowers from this year’s Pacific Orchid Expo. […]

  3. cj59 Says:

    I really like these shots, esp the flowres with strange parts. The shapes and colors don’t even look real.

  4. Anza Del Amo Says:

    These are amazing Orchid shots. You can capture the beautiful side of them. Great job!

  5. skootergrl Says:

    That dracula is the blackest flower I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for sharing your photographs.