While San Francisco’s winter hasn’t been as bad as other parts of the country, spring is always a welcome arrival. It’s easy to celebrate with more beautiful flowers from this year’s Pacific Orchid Expo.

Lady Slipper flowerCymbidium hybridCattleya hybrid, close up of flower lip

Cymbidium hybridLycaste hybrid at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011Laelia hybrid

Winter is the rainy season here, and we’re still in the midst of a chilly series of storms. Today, at least, the clouds have cleared, and the sun and blue sky have made an appearance for a little while. It’s enough time for me to greet the season outside in the garden, before the next dark clouds arrive. If your first day of spring is lacking in warmth, enjoy these blooms as a reminder of colors besides brown, white, and gray. Spring’s renewal is on the way.

Catasetum hybrid flowers at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011Dendrobium species flowers at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011Cattleya hybrid

Harlequin Phalaenopsis hybridEpidendrum flowerPaphiopedilum at the Pacific Orchid Expo 2011

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4 Comments on “Spring!”

  1. Debbi S Says:

    Thank you!! Those are wonderful Spring flowrs. I really like the ladyslippers. The shapes are so remarkable. The colors too!

  2. rjh Says:

    Wow! I love ’em all, but esp that close up of the cattleya lip. The furry lips on the catasetam flowers are great too. Thanks for the pictures!

  3. anna maria Says:

    those are quite wonderful flowers. theres such a very wide variety that’s one of the things i love about orchids.

  4. SJ95 Says:

    Thank you..great photos!!