Spring Orchid Chores

Spring is on the calendar. Even if your part of the world hasn’t completely shed winter, the sun is stronger, the days are longer, and it’s time for some seasonal orchid chores:

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6 Comments on “Spring Orchid Chores”

  1. Julie Tiedrich Says:

    Thanks for helpful and useful information.

  2. adrian.james Says:

    good points covered adrian.james

  3. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Let the Sunshine In Says:

    […] Moving orchids into shadier areas is standard spring care, but don’t put them in the dark! […]

  4. Olivia Lang Says:

    I spent last 3 hours reading your articles ! And must say: awseome site ! !

  5. Jendryy Says:

    This http://www.aboutorchids.com is amazing. Keep posting dude !

  6. Ellie Brownstein Says:

    This post is full of interesting content! Thanks for the seasonal tips. I didn’t know that Spring was the best time to repot my orchid.