Orchids for Mother’s Day

Orchids are top picks for Mother’s Day gifts. Whether you’re buying an orchid for mom to keep short-term or long-term, there’s no lack of choices. Those sold in supermarkets and department stores are hybrids, bred to be tough. Phals are the most common variety. Their blooms can last for months with good basic orchid care. Mini Phals can fit into tight spots; larger varieties can make big splashes.

Harlequin Phal hybridMoth OrchidMoth Orchid hybrid

Phals are just the tip of the iceberg for orchid gift choices. Cattleyas, like those in the next two photos, also make elegant presents. They’re the classic corsage orchid, and many have wonderful fragrances. Paphs, or lady slippers, present a whole new catalog of possibilities. They don’t have scents, but offer a wide range of dramatic shapes and colors.

Cattleya flowerCattleya flowerDark red Paph flower

Another lady slipper and two very different Epidendrums show a small sample of the orchid family’s incredible diversity. Check out how to choose the right orchid variety, how to pick a healthy plant, and more orchid buying tips to help you find the best gift. Tropical blossoms like these are a sure way to inspire lots of Mother’s Day smiles.

Ladyslipper flowerEpidendrum flowerEpidendrum flowers

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7 Comments on “Orchids for Mother’s Day”

  1. Dana O'Connor Says:

    Those are great pictures. I really like the wide range of orchids.

  2. Warren11 Says:

    Amazing pictures
    I love those ladyslippers

  3. bhj34 Says:

    Thank you for this valuable post. This is really useful information. It changed my decision which orchid to buy for my mother. I think I’ll buy her a cattleya this year.

  4. nancy Says:

    Luv that white epidendrum! I have to have one!

  5. Bill Reno Says:

    I just found a nice page with some orchid photos. Unlike most pages, the orchids are labeled a have a species description. Small collection, but nice.

  6. Mara Dempsey Says:

    You have such pretty photographs. Do you grow all these yourself?!

  7. Anna Baum Says:

    Great pictures!