Blues in the Park

It may sound like the name of a music festival in Golden Gate Park, but actually, it’s about orchids. They’re blue orchids to be exact, like the brilliant Dendrobium in the first photo. It’s an uncommon orchid color, and it’s only one of many standouts from Orchids in the Park 2011. Thanks to Dave’s photography skills, we have great blooms to share.

The Blue Orchid, a Dendrobium speciesPaphiopedilum hybridMasdevallia flower

Vuylstekeara flowersMaxillaria flowerPhragmipedium flower

Those blues are impressive, but other hues also show the remarkable range and depth of nature’s palette. Check back soon for more orchid eye-candy from this weekend’s event.

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5 Comments on “Blues in the Park”

  1. Billie XC Says:

    Forget about the blues, how about that pretty paph in the second shot! Great photos all around. Thanks for the post.

  2. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » More Orchids in the Park Says:

    […] more photos from last weekend’s Orchids in the Park […]

  3. Klara Janssen Says:

    Very nice pictures, but that blue orchid looks purple to me. Maybe its just my computer.

  4. nancy Says:

    Love that white paph and the phrag! Thanks for the pictures.

  5. Hanna at Orchid Care Says:

    The blue Dendrobium is indeed stunning but the others are any less beautiful. As a matter of fact, I have been cultivating orchids of over a decade and have never found a single orchid species which I found less than gorgeous. That’s the nature of orchid!

    Kudos to Dave for doing such an incredible job at capturing these beauties in these terrific photos. My personal favorite is the last one.