Orchids for Mother’s Day

Orchids make it easy to celebrate Mother’s Day. Whether given as potted plants or cut flowers, orchids elicit delight and wonder. With a few orchid care basics, many types can stay in bloom for weeks or months. In addition, they rarely cause allergy problems.

To help flowers last their longest, check out these tips on where to place an orchid. If Mom wants to keep the plant after it’s done blooming, it’ll help to know what kind of orchid you’ve bought. Then she can better learn that variety’s needs.

As cut flowers, orchids don’t need any special care. Change the water every couple days to keep blossoms fresh.

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3 Comments on “Orchids for Mother’s Day”

  1. R. L. O'Shaughnessy Says:

    I hope all the wonderful moms out there had a Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Lady Slippers Says:

    […] If you received a lady slipper gift for Mother’s Day, it’s most likely a Paph, or Paphiopedilum. […]

  3. Bob from lawnmowerpros.com Says:

    It’s a good idea, I think to use flowers such orchidcs for congratulating our mums. Thanks.