Understanding Phalaenopsis Is Key To Appreciating It

At the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia, noted orchid expert Arthur Chadwick pens an informative column about Phals. Phals, a.k.a. Moth Orchids, are the most popular houseplant sold in the USA today, and they’re almost all hybrids. Chadwick details milestones in the past century of Phal hybridization. By combining and recombining Phal varieties, breeders have continued to create vigorous hybrids in a continually-evolving palette of colors and designs. Species, like those in the first two photos below, have contributed important traits to many hybrid descendants, such as the capability to rebloom from old spikes, and a tendency to grow keikis. Decades of selective breeding have led to hybrids like the Harlequin Phal in the final photo. New creations appear all the time, and continue to keep the genus popular.

Phalaenopsis speciesPhalaenopsis speciesPhalaenopsis hybrid

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One Comment on “Understanding Phalaenopsis Is Key To Appreciating It”

  1. Tony Says:

    I am considering a 200 ft booth at the next intereantional flower show in NYC in March. I am looking to pair up with an artist who features Phals. I want to line the walls of the booth with art and have info on the paintings available/for sale.I am looking for someone to partner with. I will pay and man booth and artist will supply and insure paintings and take care of shipping expense.Anyone interested?