East Meets West

This year’s Pacific Orchid Expo highlighted the merging of cultures with an “East Meets West” theme. Golden lion statues fronted the large pavilion, and guarded 150,000 orchid treasures inside. Coinciding with San Francisco’s famous Chinese New Year Parade, and the end of festivities for the Lunar New Year, it felt like these orchids were part of a larger celebration.

Golden lion statue at the entrance to the Pacific Orchid ExpoPhalaenopsis orchids at Pacific Orchid ExpoCymbidiums and Buddha

It was a celebration, indeed, of Phals, Cymbidiums, Zygos, and many more. And did I mention that Dave and I both bought new cameras recently? This show was the first big test for mine, and I’m happy to say that it passed with flying colors. In this post, the first two photos above and the middle one in the last row come from my camera. The rest are his skillful eye. Most of the pictures on this blog are Dave’s.

Moth Orchid hybridCymbidium hybridZygopetalum close up

Fitting for San Francisco’s cool, foggy climate, cool growers abounded in many great displays. Unfortunately, my camera skills aren’t good enough to take the glare off the middle photo below. It shows the specially air-conditioned case for the more delicate cool growers, like Draculas and other Masdevallia relatives. It was all more than worth the price of admission. Check back here again for additional photos from this reliably amazing event.

Masdevallia hybridCool growing orchids in air conditioned displayRossioglossum species

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  3. Susi Lee Says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing
    I wish I could go!

  4. carla Says:

    wow, nice pics, intrigued by orchids… more please!