Weird Orchids

Orchids have become so commonplace that it’s easy to forget what an unusual plant family they are. With Phals, Oncidiums, and Cymbidiums at every supermarket, what was once strange and bizarre has become familiar. The orchid family, however, is full of surprises. Less common orchid species, like these on display at the Pacific Orchid Expo, prove how weird orchids can be.

Habenaria speciesBulbophyllum speciesDracula species

Some orchid flowers look like insects or incredible flying creatures. Others have odd shapes. Some look like monkey faces. Many are so small that they are barely revealed by the zoom lens of a camera.

Comparettia speciesOberonia speciesPaphiopedilum species close up

These bizarre species are the ones which truly deserve their finicky orchid reputations. Expert growers provide ideal conditions, pure water, and precise temperatures to coax these plants into bloom. They are much tougher to grow than the common hybrids of our homes and offices.

Restrepia flowerSchoenorchis speciesLeafless orchid species in bloom

Each of these curious species has evolved to appeal to a pollinator. Flowers which seem weird to us are perfect lures to convince insects or birds to carry pollen. These bizarre blooms are one of the successful strategies that orchids use to survive in a crowded, competitive rainforest.

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  1. Brianna Regan Says:

    Wow! Absolutely love them!

  2. Taylor Ressy Says:

    I had to comment about the monkey face one here. Which just isn’t something I commonly do! I saw that one from across the room and totally thought it was a monkey!! thanks for the great shots

  3. LA373 Says:

    Great pics, thanks! I will recommend this site!

  4. Deana Horkley Says:

    Great Post.thanks for share..great orange flowers