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Beauty Drives Orchids Towards Extinction

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

A distressing study of Asian orchid species reports that many are threatened with extinction. Habitat destruction, deforestation, and illegal sales of wild plants are destroying these beauties. The Center for International Forestry Research in Indonesia inspected Thai flower markets, and found hundreds of endangered species for sale. Even though it’s illegal to sell these plants […]

Summer Orchid Adventure

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Welcome summer’s arrival with amazing orchids. These brilliant tropical blooms celebrate the summer solstice with warmth and beauty. Within your own home, orchids can transport you to the depths of a tropical jungle, or to the heights of a cloud forest. If you take a summer vacation, orchids may entice you into a far-flung botanical […]

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) is the world’s largest plant conservation network, and it’s trying to save the planet’s plants. Based at Kew in London, the group’s membership includes over 800 botanic gardens from 118 countries. These gardens work together to share info, battle climate change, educate the public about the environment, and coordinate protection […]

Bee Orchids

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Bee Orchids know how to appeal to bees. In the first video below, a botanist from London’s Natural History Museum explores the elaborate deceptions of these fascinating plants. Also known as Ophrys apifera, Bee Orchids mimic the appearance and pheromones of their namesake bugs to trick them into pollinating their flowers. The video also shows a […]

Orchid Care For A Hot Summer

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Summer is coming, and it looks like it’s going to be a hot one. Orchids can survive heat waves with some basic care tips. Check these helpful hints when temperatures soar. Give orchids water when they dry out, but be careful not to drown your plants. High humidity is more important than repeated waterings in […]

June Orchid Shows

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Orchid shows are happening in every hemisphere, along with other interesting orchid events. The four-day Native Orchid Conference in New Hampshire includes field trips to see wild orchids in the White Mountains. In Southern California, the Orchid Digest Speakers’ Day is a feast of orchid experts, a great show, and dinner, too. June 1 – […]